Live Studio Recordings - November 2010


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Michael Keerdo-Dawson
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Michael Keerdo-Dawson Laura Sheeran is just one of the darkest folk artists out there. It was such a happy day for me after checking iTunes for more of her music for years, to discover bandcamp and then discover a huge collection here. These Live Studio Recordings are delightfully raw compared to her usually polished sound. Favorite track: I'm Sorry Son (Live).
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This Album was recorded at Mule Studios, Dublin, in November 2010, as a documentation of the first tour we did promoting the new tracks from the debut album "Lust of Pig & The Fresh Blood".
This was the first time many of these songs were performed live!
Since the album is not yet available to download online, we thought putting out a live album would be a good way of sharing some of the music without ruining the launch of the full album.
There are some of the oldest and some of the newest songs from me in this collection so it's a a bit of a journey, from the past right up to the present day.

Instrumentation and Hardware featuring on the album:

Bowed Saw
Six String Ukulele

Korg Mini KP & KP3
Novation ReMOTE 25 LE
(Also, em.. Marcs Pedal Board)


released December 13, 2010

Recorded Live @ Mule Studios, Dublin - November 2010
Music Arranged by Laura Sheeran.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Marc Aubele.



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Track Name: I'm Sorry Son (Live)
She Said, "I forget how to talk to you".
He Said, "I guess you never did".

"I'm sorry son, I've lied to everyone, I've ever known.

Clouds don't look as pretty as they used to, when will I stop using you?

I have a story to tell, I have a secret".
Track Name: To Kill My Lover (Live)
To kill my lover, would make me suffer
Like an eight legged treat.
Track Name: Once I Had A Girlfriend (Live)
Once I had a girlfriend,
She filled my life with joy,
But then one day she ran away
to the arms of a hansom boy

Now I have no wife or no money,
I live my life alone,
but nature keeps me happy
and gives me all I need, yes she does,
She gives me all I need.

As I walk into the unknown, cover me
This is very dangerous, cover me
I'm going to prove the impossible exists
this is very dangerous cover me
Track Name: It's Been A Long Day (Live)
You look tired, you need some rest.
Lay your head upon my breast.
Close you're eyes and float downstream.
See what love can bring.
It's been a long day.
Track Name: The Fresh Blood (Live)
Today I saw the world through a whole in the floor
My mother was a witch and my father was a girl
Walk out the door, you don't need your face anymore
The fresh blood is coming to you
I know it's sore, but you won't feel that pain anymore
The fresh blood is coming to you
Track Name: Computer Receive (Live)
This computer receives me better than her
"You're a dark horse my child"
"Yeah, don't tell me I should smile"
Track Name: Lust Of Pig (Live)
Turn to go..

The lust, the lust of pig
is inside..
Track Name: A Wake
I wake up and I wonder, 'is this awake?'
the view is different and I wonder, 'what happened?'
it doesn't feel right, to be lying here.
I feel so tired, I think it's over,
time to get laid to rest.

Don't hurt me, don't bother,
I'll fight you, I'm stronger.
Don't say that, don't touch me..
You're a liar and you'll always be.
These flowers, mean nothing,
I didn't say goodbye, I didn't say anything.
I'm not ready to go now,
I'm not ready to ask why.