Murderous Love (2011)


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Murderous Love is a collection of songs inspired by and written during the dark winter months. While snowed in for almost a week during the big freeze last January, I wrote and recorded many of these songs - alone in my tiny bedsit. At the time I felt like I was in some sort of a cocoon, while the harsh elements threatened at my window I was safe and comforted, surrounded by the sounds I was making. As the months grew warmer and my album took priority over finishing these songs, I knew I would have to wait until the weather grew cold again before releasing this collection and here we are!

Once I began working towards finalising Murderous Love, some new (EP completing) songs came to the surface and I decided to include them so now it has become more of a 9 track album than an EP, but what the hell.. it was meant to be an EP so I'm going to call it an EP.

I hope these songs provide some cocoon-like comfort for you when the rain and thunder are battling outside your windows at night!


released October 28, 2011

Produced by Laura Sheeran
Tracks 1 & 3 produced by Nanu Nanu
Mixing/Mastering : Marc Aubele at Mule Studios, Dublin



all rights reserved
Track Name: Murderous Love
He didn't know but I loved him so,
Careful how you let your garden grow...
Terror in your eye as I bled you dry -
It hurts to love, don't ask me why.

I wait a while,
A lonely smile -
Lonely like a crocodile

Guilty as you kill... but what a thrill!
Track Name: Oh, How The World Changed
Oh, how the world changed
Above and below my body
Like how I always knew
That orange and blue
Would always look good on you.

There's a ghost at your door,
Begging for more,
He wants you to go away with him.
Track Name: Tonight
Feel it slow
Feel the anger slow
And use it well
Track Name: Winter's Call
Winter is calling
Calling after me
It's time for me to go now
Where I cannot be seen

I never meant to hurt you.
I thought it was a dream.
I'll hide you in the shadows
So you cannot be seen

I'll burn all your letters
Erase the memory.
Just like your body,
A secret safe to keep

Burn all your letters!
Throw them in the sea!
If anybody finds them,
Your secret's safe with me,
Your secret's safe with me.
Track Name: Lamenta Fra
A mother I lost
Mother how come?
Life is done now.

Lord above can't help you now!
Life's weight had already won
And here we are, never far from you.
Track Name: It's Getting Dark Again
My mind is gone from here,
And outside it's getting dark again.

Please take me home,
So I am no longer alone.