Music For The Deep Woods EP | FREE DL (2010)


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released April 23, 2010

All Songs:
Arranged by Laura Sheeran
Produced by Laura Sheeran, Marc Aubele
Mixed by Marc Aubele and mastered by Kevin White at "Mule Studios", Dublin.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lupine Rot
My Girlfriends lover looks like a wolf.
He has a black beard and dangerous green eyes.
His beard curls round his neck like a spiral stairs of iron,
Down his arms to his fingers like black rings.

She cries and tears fall to his cheeks,
A smile across his lupine face.
With eyes that cast a blinding spell,
he brings her to her knees again.
Track Name: Under The Ice
There's panic in the atmosphere,
My heart beats so fast.
I cut through my tongue in fear,
I'm burning, I'm burning under here.
I'm on fire, I'm on fire.

It's hotter than you think in here,
It's hotter than you think.
The slap of cold, the sting of heat,
I'm burning, I'm burning under here.
Tears stream and freeze, I can see for centuries.
I'm on fire, I'm on fire!
Track Name: Ag Cuimhniú
Are you going to come to the beach with me?
Will we just lie there silently?
I feel no need for warmth, your words are warm enough.
Just having blood beside me will help me to feel loved.

Tá mé ag chuímhniu ort, tá mé ag chuímhniu ort a stór.

Maybe if you speak a language I don't understand,
I will be able to only hold your hand.